About Us

For Us, It’s Not Just About Coffee… It’s About Creating a Movement for GOOD.

Ramro Cha was inspired by the basic principle that we, as humans and fellow inhabitants of this planet, have both the duty and privilege to look after one another. It’s about raising our sense of awareness to the needs of others, and finding a way to meet those needs with a sense of honour and dignity.

When Dr. Kris returned to Nepal to provide medical aid to residents of the Tsum village after a 7.3 earthquake ravaged the surrounding area in May 2015, he found out just how difficult life could become for Nepal’s 29 million residents.

Although he had made many previous trips to the country to provide medical assistance to the needy, this trip was particularly emotional. Hard-working, honest people struggled to even survive, let alone enjoy abundance and good health. Survival had become even harder because of the landslides caused by the earthquake, which made several key areas of Nepal almost impassable.

Upon his return, Dr. Kris was finally able to enjoy something that’s almost impossible to find in Nepal – a good cup of coffee. You see, a cup of coffee in Nepal costs about half the average Nepalese worker’s salary… which translates to little demand. So very few companies were willing to pay the costs of importing coffee from Central and South America, because it simply wouldn’t sell.

That’s when Dr. Kris and Gerald Soh came up with the idea for Ramrocha. (By the way, in Nepalese, that phrase translates to “good.”). They establish organic coffee farms in Nepal, and then opened cafes in Malaysia to find out how well people liked it. The response was overwhelmingly positive! So he knew it would be something coffee lovers around the world would enjoy… AND it would be a profitable crop for the Nepalese!

The website you’re visiting right now is the “next phase” of Dr Kris’s and Gerald’s vision. Now, you don’t have to catch a flight to Nepal to savour a cup of this robust, invigorating coffee… because you can brew a cup of your own, right in your own kitchen!

At Ramro Cha, we stand for doing good… for our customers, our growers, and the environment. And we’re committed to helping build a movement that will continue to empower others for generations to come.

Every bag of coffee purchased will help provide better education and healthcare for 7 children in Nepal.